Weekend Warrior (Cleanse)


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Quick cleanse for the WEEKEND WARRIOR! This cleanse is for those that work hard and play hard. Whether your pushing your body to the limits outdoors, exercising or partying like a ROCK STAR, this cleanse is for you. It comes with before and after extreme exercise/hangover drinks and gives you a chance to try a variety of our detox tonic waters and juice meal replacements.

2 Cactus Juices – Juice Meal Replacement (pre-extreme exercise/before hangover)
1 Celery Juice – Juice Meal Replacement
1 Pomegranate and Pineapple – Detox Tonic Water
1  Cherry Limeade – Detox Tonic Water
1 Strawberry Mint – Detox Tonic Water
1 Charcoal – Detox Tonic Water (toxin release/after hangover)

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