Immunity Booster


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Build up your Immune System as a defense against the Corona Virus and the flu all while detoxing those not so healthy meals.

10 drinks

1 Pineapple Deluxe – Detox Tonic Water
1 Turmeric and Ginger Tea – Detox Tonic Tea
1 Strawberry and Mint – Detox Tonic Water
1 Vit C- Detox Tonic Water
1 Carrot Fiesta- Detox Tonic Water

1 Berry Good – Juice Blend
1 Celery Juice – Juice Meal Replacement
1 Lady K – Juice Blend (Spinach and Cucumber based)
1 Beets and Apple – Juice Blend
1 Cantabanana Juice Blend

Visit each product and our Nutrition Library for more information about these drinks and ingredients.

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